Raw Materials Sourcing

Halal Food Supplement Manufacturer & Supplier: Ethical Sourcing of Raw Materials

As an experienced dietary supplement manufacturer, our commitment to excellence extends to responsible raw materials sourcing, as you can be assured of ethical practices and high-quality ingredients for your nutritional needs. Upholding with the practices of halal production, as the food supplement manufacturer in Malaysia, we deliver standards that are far beyond your expectations.

Raw Materials Sourcing

Raw Materials Sourcing

Raw materials are sourced from reputable food supplement suppliers with a long and consistent track record of providing quality products at competitive prices.


Our raw materials will go through a comprehensive screening program at our pharmaceutical factory in Malaysia before we decide to use it. This includes research on the material through document review (i.e. product specification, manufacturing flow chart, allergen statement, material safety data use and halal) followed by request for a product development sample for examination to ensure the material characteristics are matched with the documents provided.

Food Supplement Supplier - Raw Materials Sourcing

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